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Introduction of Institutes

The Institute of Computational Sciences

The Institute of Computational Sciences was established in 2009. Our mission is to conduct and disseminate research, to provide outstanding instruction at the undergraduate and graduate levels in all areas of computational mathematics, and to engage with the broader scientific community and with the public at large.

Research interests of our distinguished faculty include computational geometry, approximation theory, CAGD, computer graphics, image and computer vision, machine learning, neural networks, differential equations, optimization, numerical analysis, scientific computation, and computer algebra. Many of our faculty collaborate with researchers in other disciplines, such as computer science, physics, engineering, and life sciences.

We offer instruction that leads to bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees in computational mathematics. 


Faculty Members:

Professors: WANG Renhong; WU Wei; YU Bo; LUO Zhongxuan; SU Zhixun; LIU Xiuping; LI Chongjun; LIANG Songxin; ZHU Chungang;

Associate Professors: QIAN Xiaoyuan; LI Zhengxue; ZHAO Guohui; MENG Zhaoliang; DONG Bo; YANG Jie; JIN Guangri; XU Min; ZHANG Chao; DU Lei;

Lectures: CHENG Mingsong; CAO Junjie; GUO Feng; ZHANG Xuping; ZHANG Renquan.


Contact information:

Director: LIU Xiuping

Tel: 86-411-84708351 ext. 8018

E-mail: xpliu@


Associate director: ZHU Chungang

Tel: 86-411-84708351 ext. 8315

E-mail: cgzhu@


The Institute of Basic Mathematics

Based on the fundamental mathematics teaching and research section, which is founded in 1989,  the Institute of Mathematics was established in 2009. Since the founding of the Institute, our Professors not only took the responsibility for most courses for the student majoring in mathematicsbut also attaches great importance to research. The Institute of Mathematics consists of 25 faculty members, including 12 Professors, 9 Associate Professors and 4 Lectures, and offers graduate programs leading to Masters and Doctor of Science degrees in Mathematics. We also offer a board variety of research areas, including algebra, geometry and topology, functional analysis, partial differential equations.

The mission of Institute of Mathematics is to provide high quality, forward-looking instruction in mathematics for all students, at all levels; to encourage and develop the mathematics skills and talents for undergraduates; to train at the graduate level, a crop of accomplished mathematical teacher or researchers, to advance the fields of mathematics in our focused research areas. In fulfilling this mission, the institute has created an friendly environment where  students can learn and become competent users of mathematics and mathematical application, mathematical thinkers and eventually to become lifelong learners.


The Institute of Operational Research and Optimal Control 

The Institute was established in 2009, which has doctorate and master's degree point. Currently the institute is composed of five professors, seven associate professors and four lecturers. The research directions include Conic Optimization, Equilibrium Optimization, Stochastic Optimization, Nonsmooth Optimization, Optimal Control, Identification and Fuzzy Optimization. Faculty members are engaged in optimization and control theory, applied analysis, modeling and related areas. Some Graduate students choose to go abroad or in the domestic universities continue to pursue a doctorate, Others work in banking, education, IT company or other related areas of work.


Faculty members:

Professors:  FENG Enmin;  PANG Liping;  XIA Zhunquan;  ZHANG Hongwei;  ZHANG Liwei;

Associate Professors:  JIANG Zhigang;  WANG Lei;  WUJia;  XIAO Xiantao;  YANG Xuefeng;  ZHANG Haiwen;  ZHANG Xuesheng;

Lecturers: CHEN Xiangwei; CHEN Xingmin; GUO Fangfang; ZHANG Xu.


Contact information:

Director: ZHANG Liwei

Tel: 86-0411-84708351 ext. 8118

e-mail: lwzhang@


Associate director: PANG Liping

Tel: 86-0411-84708351 ext. 8113



The Institute of Statistical and Financial Research

The Statistical and Financial Research Institute was established in 2009. Faculty members are engaged in probability theory, mathematical statistics, financial mathematics and related areas. Currently the institute is composed by two professors, six associate professors and three lecturers including three Ph.D. supervisors and eight M.Sc. supervisors. The research directions include non-parametric statistics, time series analysis, survival analysis, stochastic analysis and limit theorem, and probability and statistical methods in financial insurance. Graduate students often pursue overseas or domestic Ph.D. studies, such as University of Southampton, Oklahoma State University, Virginia Tech, and York University, etc., or go to industry such as Sanofi, Eli Lilly, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Mobile, etc..


Faculty members:

Professors: SONG Lixin; FENG Jinghai

Associate Professors: WANG Xiaoguang;  SHEN Yubo;  YANG Yanchun;  LU Dawei; SHEN Xinmei;  YAN Dawen;

Assistant Professors: NIU Yi;  SONG Hui;  LI Guangwei.


Contact information:

Director: LU Dawei

Tel: 86-411-84708351 ext. 8073

E-mail: dwlu@


Deputy director: WANG Xiaoguang

Tel: 86-411-84708351 ext. 8213

E-mail: wangxg@


Consultant: SONG Lixin

Tel: 86-411-84708351 ext. 8026



The Institute of Applied Mathematics

The Institute of Applied Mathematics was established in 2009. The institute has doctorate and master's degree point. We adhere to the spirit of rigorous scholarship and build up a dedicated, capable and distinctive team of outstanding teachers. Currently the institute is composed by seven professors, ten associate professors and seven assistant professors. The research directions include combinatorial mathematics, partial differential equations, mathematical mechanization and mathematical physics, biology mathematics, dynamic system, cryptography and network security, conversation laws and nonlinear functional analysis and its applications. Some Graduate students choose to go abroad or in the domestic universities continue to pursue a doctorate. Others work in banking or software and other related areas of work.


Faculty Members:

Professors: HE Mingfeng; JIN Zhengguo; LI Fengquan; LIU Zhenxin; WANG Tianming; WANG YiZHANG Hongqing;

Associate Professors: CAO Yang; CONG Hongzi; DAI Guowei; DENG Yuping; DUAN Ben; MEI Jianqin; WANG Wendong; WANG Zhen; WENG Guobiao; ZHANG Wenlong;

Assistant Professors: CHEN Xi; DING Qi; DINGYujie; HU Changhui; NIAN Sihong; WANG Yan; YU Fang.


Contact information:

Director: LI Fengquan

Tel: 86-411-84708351 ext. 8124

E-mail: fqli@


Associate director: DUAN Ben

Tel: 86-411-84708351 ext. 8135