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A series of lectures on Mathematical thinking method (four) Weil conjecture


Academic Report

Title: A series of lectures on Mathematical thinking method (four) Weil conjecture (2018 Hua Luogeng class of Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Reporter: ZHENG Weizhe (research professorship)

Time: April 12,2018 (Thursday) AM 9:30-11:00

Location: A#1101 room for Hua Luogeng class Laboratory, Innovation Park Building


Abstract: The famous Riemann hypothesis contains the mysteries of the distribution of prime numbers. The Weil conjecture contains the Riemann hypothesis of an algebraic cluster on a finite field and contains the mysteries of the distribution of rational points. The study of these two conjectures has greatly promoted the development of number theory and algebraic geometry. In this lecture, we will review the brilliant progresses and ideas of the mathematicians who have put forward and conquered Weil's conjecture and appreciate the power of combination of arithmetic and geometry.

The brief introduction to the reporter: ZHENG Weizhe, research professorship and PhD supervisor of the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences. he received a doctorate from the University of southern Paris, France in 2007 and was selected the Youth Thousand Program in 2011. He is mainly engaged in research of arithmetic geometry and related fields.