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Digital Facial Reconstruction for Skull Identification


Academic Report

Title: Digital Facial Reconstruction for Skull Identification

Reporter: Xin Li

Time: December 13, 2018 (Thursday) AM 10:00-11:00

Location: B1412# room, Innovation Park Building

Contact: LIU Xiuping


Abstract: I will talk about how we develop a first digital pipeline to reconstruct the human face from skull fragments. Facial reconstruction has been successfully applied in many law investigation cases, but is currently processed manually by forensic specialists. Our goal is to develop an automatic processing and reconstruction pipeline with the help of computer graphics and vision techniques. This skull restoration and facial reconstruction pipeline consists of three main components: fragmented skull reassembly, damaged geometry repair, and facial reconstruction. I will go through the technical development in solving these challenging problems. At the end, we will also see some generalization of these techniques to other scientific and engineering tasks in robotics, medicine, and computer-aided design/engineering


The brief introduction to the reporter: Xin Li is the Oskar R. Menton associate professor in School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Louisiana State University (LSU).He received his B.Eng. in Computer Science from University of Science and Technology of China in 2003, and Ph.D. in Computer Science from State University of New York at Stony Brook in 2008. After graduation, he joined LSU as an assistant professor, and was promoted to an associate professor in 2014.He led the Geometric and Visual Computing lab at LSU. His research interests include geometric and visual computing, geometric data modeling and processing, and their applications in graphics, vision, robotics, forensics, and scientific computing. He has published more 80 journal and conference papers. He got IBM Faculty Award in 2011, and received LSU Flagship Faculty award in 2010, LSU C. W. Armstrong Jr. Professorship of Engineering in 2012, and Oskar R. Menton Professorship in 2013. He is an IEEE Senior Member