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Controllability and stabilization of some PDE systems


Academic Report

Title: Controllability and stabilization of some PDE systems

Reporter: ZHOU Zhongcheng (Southwestern University)

Time: July16, 2018 (Monday) AM 10:00-11:00

Location:A1101# room, Innovation Park Building

Contact: WANG Lei


Abstract:  In this talk, we will discuss the stabilization of PDE with intermediate point by backstepping method, then, extend the ideas and results to PDE-ODE system cascaded at inner point. Furthermore, we discuss the relationship between the LQ method and backstepping method in considering the stabilization of linear heat equation. Finally, we consider the controllability and stabilization of heat equation with boundary memory.


The brief introduction to the reporter:  Zhou Zhongcheng is a professor and doctoral supervisor at Southwestern University. He received his master's degree from Northeast Normal University and received his doctorate from the Institute of mathematics and systems science, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He was a visiting scholar at the University of Curtin, Australia. The research direction is the control of the distributed parameter system. He has chaired 3 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation, and published many papers in IEEE TAC, Automatica and other SCI magazines.