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Turnpike Properties of Optimal Relaxed Control Problems


Academic Report

Title: Turnpike Properties of Optimal Relaxed Control Problems

Reporter: LOU Hongwei (Fudan University)

Time: July16, 2018 (Monday) AM 9:00-10:00

Location:A1101# room, Innovation Park Building

Contact: WANG Lei


Abstract: Three kinds of turnpike properties for optimal relaxed control problems are considered. Under some convexity and controllability assumptions, we obtain the uniform boundedness of the optimal pairs and the adjoint functions. On the basis, we prove the integral turnpike property, the mean square turnpike property and the exponential turnpike property, respectively.


The brief introduction to the reporter:  Lou Hongwei is a professor and PhD supervisor of the school of Mathematical Sciences, Fudan University. He is engaged in the study of optimal control theory. His doctoral dissertation was selected for National Excellent Doctoral Dissertations. He was awarded the first prize of teaching achievement in Shanghai, the second prize of Natural Science in Shanghai, the new star of Shanghai campus, the outstanding teacher award of Baosteel, the Shanghai Yucai award, etc.