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A block bi-diagonalToeplitz preconditioner for block lower


Academic Report

Title: A block bi-diagonalToeplitz preconditioner for block lower

Reporter: GU Xianming (Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, University of Groningen)

Time: June 17, 2018 (Sunday) AM 9:30-10:30

Location: A1101# room, Innovation Park Building

Contact: DU Lei (tel:84708351-8137)

Abstract: The block lower triangular Toeplitz system arising from time-space fractional diffusion equations (TSFDEs) is discussed. For the purpose of fast and economically solving the system, the preconditioned BiCGSTAB and FGMRES methods are used. The main contribution of this paper has two aspects: (i)A block bi-diagonal Toeplitz preconditioner is developed for the block lower triangular Toeplitz system, whose storage is of O(N) withNbeing the spatial grid number; (ii)A new skew-circulant preconditioner is designed to fast calculate the inverse of the block bi-diagonal Toeplitz preconditioner multiplying a vector. Numerical experiments are given to demonstrate the efficiency of our preconditioners

The brief introduction to the reporter: Dr. Gu Xianming is currently a deputy director and master tutor of the Institute of mathematics, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. In 2017, he received a doctorate from the University of Electronic Science and technology. He received the Ubbo Emmius doctoral scholarship from University of Groningen in Holland, and took a second degree in this University. He received a national scholarship for a doctoral graduate student for three years in 2014-2016 years. In 2014, he received the honor of "the outstanding student". The main research areas are numerical linear algebra, high performance scientific computation and fast numerical solution of fractional order differential equations. Up to now, he has published 31 papers in the international SCI journal, including IEEE Trans. Microw. Theory Techn., Comput. Phys. Commun., J. Comput. Phys., J. Sci. Comput. and other well-known SCI periodicals, and also participated in the writing and publishing of academic monographs. In addition, he has long served as an anonymous reviewer of 15 international SCI journals, and has been awarded the honor of the best reviewers of the SCI Journal Comput. Math. Appl., Appl. Numer. Math. and Math. Comput. Simulation.