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Localized Wave


Academic Report

Title: Localized Wave

Reporter: Prof. CHEN Yong (East China Normal University)

Time: June 11, 2018 (Monday) AM 8:30-9:30

Location: A1101# room, Innovation Park Building

Contact: Prof. WANG Zhen (

Abstract: I introduce briefly the development of the localized waves,and then the major work about our team to the localized waves. It mainly contains four aspects: Darboux transformation,KP reduction the Hirota bilinear method and nonlocal symmetry to constructlocalized wave.

The brief introduction to the reporter: Chen Yong, professor and doctoral supervisor of East China Normal University, Professor of excellence in Minhang District, Shanghai. He has long been engaged in the field of nonlinear physics, integrable systems, chaos theory, symbolic computation, atmospheric and oceanic dynamics, and numerical computation. Professor Chen Yong proposed a series of research methods that can be mechanized to realize integrable theory, set up a nonlinear engineering system platform, developed the Lie group theory and successfully applied it to the study of the atmospheric ocean physics model, and put forward a series of methods in the non local symmetry and symmetric optimization theory, the strange wave theory and the chaos theory. He presided and participated in several national scientific research projects, including the key projects of National Natural Science Foundation, the 973 national major scientific research project, the Doctoral Fund Project and the National Natural Science Foundation innovation group. He has published more than 260 papers in International Academic Journals Collected by SCI, and these papers have been cited by SCI more than 3000 times.