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Ponderations on the course of Real Variable Function Theory


Academic Report

Title: Ponderations on the course of Real Variable Function Theory

Reporter: Prof. LI Gongbao (Central China Normal University)

Time:March 29, 2018(Saturday) PM 2:00-3:30

Location: A#1101 room, Innovation Park Building

Contact:Prof. ZHENG Sining (tel: 84708351-8032)

The brief introduction to the reporter: Professor of the second in Central China Normal University, Dean of the school of mathematics and statistics. By the inheritance for his father, the old predecessor of mathematics, academician Li Guoping. He has been engaged in the study of nonlinear elliptic equations. He once took charge of Prophase research of major fundamental research Ministry of science and technology, Multiple items on the surface project of National Natural Science Fund, "95" major project of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hubei innovation team and other projects. He has published more than a hundred academic papers on J. Differential Equations,Calc. Var. Partial Differential Equations and other periodical. In 1994, he was approved by the Chinese Academy of Sciences as a outstanding young and middle-aged expert, in 1996, he was approved by the Ministry of personnel and other seven Ministries as the first and second arrangement for 1995/1996 year of national " Talents Project". Now he is the Deputy director general of Hubei provincial Mathematics AssociationDrector of the Chinese Mathematics Society and editorial advisory board of " Acta Mathematica Scientia " and so on.

Abstract: In view of the common problems in the teaching of compulsory courses for mathematics majors, some experiences in teaching real variable functions for more than 10 years are shared with peers and students.