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Higher category theory and iterated loop spaces


Academic Report

Reporter: Prof.Yongjin Song(Institute of Mathematics, Inha University, Korea; Haitian scholar)

Title: Higher category theory and iterated loop spaces

Time: October 19,2017 (Thursday) PM 4:10-5:10

Location: A#1101 room, Innovation Park Building

Abstract: It has been attracting many topologists' interest that a category with some internal algebraic strutrure gives rise to an iterated loop space. Later, a few higher category theories have been developed in the relation with  iterated loop spaces and also as new languages in modern mathematics. In this lecture I will introduce the recent development of those theories and some applications.


The brief introduction to the reporter: He was the former vice president of the Korean Mathematical Society and now is the director of the Korean Mathematical Olympiad. He is mainly engaged in the category of algebraic topology, homology, circular space structure, Braided group, mapping group and Artin group. He is an internationally renowned expert in the field of algebraic topology. In 2010, he won the best draft of the Korean Mathematical Society (equivalent to the domestic doctoral thesis award). He organized a number of academic conferences, including Korea Daewoo pure mathematics seminar, Japan and Korea algebra topology conference, China, Japan and Korea algebraic topology conference, East Asia algebra topology conference, international mathematician conference algebra topology satellite conference and so on.