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Game total domination


Academic Report

Title: Game total domination

Reporter: Prof. Mei Lu(Tsinghua University)

Time: September 6, 2017 (Wed) PM 14:30-15:30

Location: A#1101 room, Innovation Park Building 

Contact: Prof.Yi Wang (tel: 84708351-8128)

Abstract: Let be a simple graph without isolated vertices. The total domination game, played on a graph consists of two players called Dominator and Staller who take turns choosing a vertex from .Each chosen vertex must totally dominate at least one vertex not totally dominated by the set of vertices previously chosen.  The game ends when the set of vertices chosen is a total dominating set . Dominator’s objective is to minimize the number of vertices chosen, while Staller’s is to end the game with as many vertices chosen as possible. The game total domination number is the number of vertices chosen when Dominator starts the game and both players employ a strategy that achieves their objective. The Staller-start game total domination number is the number of vertices chosen when Staller starts the game and both players play optimally.

The brief introduction to the reporter: Prof. Mei Lu received a doctorate degree from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1993 and now is a professor, doctoral supervisor of Tsinghua University. Mainly engages on operational research, graph theory and combinational optimization and she has more than 50 papers are indexed by SCI.