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Academic reports of Haitian scholars



Academic reports of Haitian scholars

Reporter: Prof. David Cheban

Time: 20 April, 2017(Thursday) AM 9:30-11:00         

           27 April, 2017(Thursday) AM 9:30-11:00    

           4 May, 2017(Thursday) AM 9:30-11:00   

Location: A1101#room, Innovation Parking Building

Contact: Prof. LIU Zhenxin (tel:84708351-8039) 

Title: 1. Bohr/Levitan almost periodic and almost automorphic functions

          2. Comparability of functions by their character of recurrence

          3.Monotone differential equations and dynamical systems

Abstract: In these series of talks, we will introduce basic ideas and important results in almost periodic functions, Poisson stable motions, the comparability of functions/motions by character of recurrence, and monotone dynamical systems.

Brief introduction to the reporter: Professor Cheban is a Professor of Mathmatics at State University of Moldova. His research interests include: non-autonomous dynamical systems, almost periodic functions/motions, dissipative systems, and monotone dynamical systems.