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Gauss BV Capacity


Academic Report

Title: Gauss BV Capacity

Reporter: Prof. XIAO Jie (Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador)

Time: July 5, 2019 (Friday) AM 10:30-11:30

Location: A1101# room, Innovation Park Building

Abstract: This talk will address a Gaussian analogy of the bounded variation capacity of a subset of Euclidean space, which is treated as a foundation of L.Liu-J.Xiao-D.Yang-W.Yuan's monograph: Gaussian Capacity Analysis, Lecture Notes in Mathematics 2225, Springer.

The brief introduction to the reporter: Xiao Jie, Professor, Department of Mathematics, Memorial University of Newfoundland and recipient of Humboldt Foundation, Germany. I studied and worked in Peking University. Famous Chinese mathematician and international famous analyst. It has made outstanding contributions in many fields of mathematics such as complex analysis, harmonic analysis and differential equation. Professor Xiao Jie has published more than 200 SCI papers on tolerance theory, function space theory and its application in partial differential equations, and many papers have been published in top international journals such as Adv. Math., Comm. PDE, J. Pure. Math. Appl. Professor Xiao Jie is also editor-in-chief of Canadian Mathematical Bulletin and Deputy editor-in-chief of Journal of Mathematical Aanlysis and Applications.