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Lectures on Mathematical Thought and Method Series (seven​), Some Mathematical Problems in Transportation Science


Academic Report

Title: Lectures on Mathematical Thought and Method Series (seven), Some Mathematical Problems in Transportation Science

Reporter: Prof. HAN Deren

Time: May 9, 2019 (Thursday) PM 14:00-15:30

Location: A1001# room (Hua Luogeng Laboratory), Innovation Park Building

Contact: Prof. WANG Yi (tel:84708351-8099)

Abstract: The difficulty in implementation of marginal cost based toll collection is the absence of explicit expression of the demand function. In such circumstances, trial-and-error is usually among the best strategies. We first formulate this problem as a variational inequality problem with partial unknown mappings and then give an efficient implementation scheme. The global convergence of the method is proved and some numerical results are reported to illustrate its performance.

The brief introduction to the reporter: Professor Han Deren, the winner of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, is currently the dean of the School of Mathematics, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He is engaged in the research of numerical methods for large-scale optimization problems and variational inequality problems, as well as the application of optimization and variational inequality problems in traffic planning and magnetic resonance imaging. He is engaged in non-linear optimization calculation methods, especially in the alternating direction multiplier method. Outstanding contributions have been made, and international leading achievements have been achieved in traffic planning, image processing and other applications. Several academic papers have been published. He has won the second prize of the Youth Operations Research Award of the Chinese Operations Research Society and the second prize of Jiangsu Science and Technology Progress. He presided over a number of national science fund projects and was selected as the 333 high-level talents training project in Jiangsu Province. He served as the director of China Operations Research Society and the executive director of Mathematical Planning Branch, and the editorial board of Computational Mathematics and Journal of the Operations Research Society of China.