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Unified smoothing functions for absolute value equations;

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(1)Unified smoothing functions for absolute value equations;

(2) From symmetric cone optimization to non-symmetric cone optimization

报告人:陈界山 教授 (台湾师范大学) 

报告时间: 20171013日下午1:30-3:30

报告地点: 研教楼512

报告校内联系人:张立卫教授   联系电话:84708351-8118)



报告摘要: (1) In this talk, we focus on the absolute value equation (AVE) and one of its extension, the absolute value equation associated with second order cone

  (SOCAVE). For each equation, we propose unified smoothing functions that

  can work along with smoothing-type algorithm. Some discovery based on

  numerical comparisons is very interesting which may suggest a good choice

  of smoothing function for the other contexts.


   (2) It iswell known that Euclidean Jordan algebra is a unified framework for symmetric cone programs, including positive semidefinite programs and second-order cone programs. Unlike symmetric cone programs, there is no unified analysis technique to deal with nonsymmetric cone programs. Nonetheless, there are several common concepts when dealing with generalconic optimization. More specifically, we believe that spectral decomposition associated with cones, nonsmooth analysis regarding cone-functions, projections onto cones, and cone-convexity are the bridges between symmetric cone programs and nonsymmetric cone programs. Hence, this talk is devoted to looking into the first three items in the setting of nonsymmetriccones. The importance of cone-convexity is recognized in the literature so that it is not discussed here. All results presented in this paper are very crucial to subsequent study about the optimization problems associated with nonsymmetric cones.



报告人简介台湾师范大学数学系教授,博士生导师。2004年于美国华盛顿大学获得博士学位。曾访问英国南安普敦大学、德国符兹堡大学和美国华盛顿大学等。研究方向主要为,最优化理论与应用、非光滑分析和运筹学。目前已经发表SCI论文98篇。任Taiwanese Journal of MathematicsCommunications in Optimization TheoryLinear and Nonlinear AnalysisJournal of Nonlinear and Convex AnalysisPacific Journal of OptimizationMathematical Problems in EngineeringThe Scientific World Journal - Mathematical Analysis等国有影响力期刊的委。现为台湾师范大学特聘教授和奖励特殊优秀人才


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